100% of all money raised from Sreepur Village handmade charity greetings cards goes to the Sreepur Village project in Bangladesh
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Orders are packaged in Sreepur handmade gift envelopes containing four cards of four different designs. Each pack costs 7.50 (UK p&p inc., + 1.00 Europe + 2.00 worldwide).
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All proceeds from the sale of cards go direct to Sreepur Village.
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Sreepur Village 1989 – 2014: 25 Remarkable Years

Sreepur Village opened its doors to those in need in February 1989 and now celebrates its 25th anniversary. During those 25 years over 2100 children and more than 670 mothers have been cared for at Sreepur giving them the help they needed to make lives of their own.

One of the first foster programmes in Bangladesh has been developed through the project, giving further support to hundreds of children. There is now an outreach programme working with street children and the drop in centre by one of the railway stations in Dhaka is giving support to children facing poverty, abuse and neglect.

Last year more than 1100 people died when a garment factory collapsed not far from Sreepur and the project is now working to support many of the families affected by the disaster.

The money from the sale of Sreepur cards can really make a world of difference.

Sreepur Village was founded by Former British Airways stewardess Pat Kerr, and the Outreach Project extends the work of the village community into the outlying regions, enabling even more women to benefit.

Visit > www.thesreepurvillage.org to find out more about the village and its people.

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Sreepur cards high-quality handmade cards


Sreepur cards high-quality handmade cards

Sreepur Cardsare high quality individually hand-crafted charity cards made from locally sourced natural products. They are made in rural Bangladesh by the women of the Sreepur Village Outreach Project.

The producer group have Fair Trade recognition and are able to work from home without neglect of childcare.

ALL proceeds from the sale of cards are returned to the Sreepur Village,a home for destitute women and children in rural Bangladesh

Many charity cards are sold with the declaration that “100% of profits are returned to the charity” this is very different to "all proceeds being returned."

When you buy a Sreepur Card you are dealing directly with the Sreepur Village, Bangladesh – the cards are shipped to the UK at no cost by British Airways and all sales in the UK are handled by unpaid volunteers.

Send a Sreepur handmade charity card as a gift of love and lend your support across the world

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