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Women and children's stories

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Women and children's stories


It has been common practice for young Bangladeshi boys to be kidnapped and taken to the Gulf States to be camel jockeys. Ronni was taken at the age of 3 and held in a training camp in the Middle East. He was kept for three years in a small room with an enclosed outside area for exercise. At the age of six he was taken to the race course and strapped onto a camel to learn to ride . Within a few months he had fallen off and broken his leg.

He was given good medical care as they needed him fit to race and was back on the camel in a short time. The reward for winning was extra food a loss would bring a beating and no food.

A group of Bengali women lawyers have been working to bring home many of these traumatized children and when Ronni was rescued none of his family could be traced, so he came to Sreepur. On arrival he was very withdrawn and his back was scarred by obvious beatings. Within weeks Ronni made new friends and began to settle into the school at Sreepur. He is now a happy little boy with the opportunity to make a new life for himself.

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