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Women and children's stories

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Women and children's stories


Rusia and children - Sreepur Village project

Rusia was a young mother with three children who was unable to cope following the death of her husband. She came to Sreepur with her children Muklas, a boy of 7, Henna a girl of 5 and one year old Dolly.

She had a gastric ulcer and was grief stricken by her bereavement and had not been able to look after her small children who were malnourished and all had fevers and multiple parasites. After a short time in the clinic at Sreepur the children soon recovered . The older children were soon attending the school at Sreepur and their Mother who was illiterate began a basic literacy course. The family stayed at Sreepur for five years until they were able to cope on their own.

Muklas is now working for and electronics company in Dhaka, repairing fridges. He finished his apprenticeship three months ago. He is still receiving some support from Sreepur as he needs more supervision than his mother (who lives in a rural area) is able to give him. Henna passed SSC (local equivalent of O levels) and then got married but is studying for her HSC (A Levels). The youngest child, Dolly, has passed class 8 but is not very academic and is working in a garment factory.

Rusia has now re-married and lives with her family and husband in Netrakona which is about two hours drive from Sreepur. During her time at Sreepur she was helped to establish a savings account and on leaving had a small amount of money that enabled her to set up a small business raising poultry and goats.

Rusia is now independent again and living with her family .

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