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Women and children's stories

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Women and children's stories


Thuin helps mum with her card making

Thuin helps mum with her card making

Nazma feeds her goat from her garden

Nazma feeds her goat  from her garden

Nazma  has been card making for more than 5 years . She lives about half a mile away with her husband, Thomiuddin and there two children, 7 year old Tamana and 3 year old Thuin.  Thomiuddin works in a local garment factory six days a week for less than £30 a month .

Nazma has been able to use her income from card production to help fund Tamana’s schooling. She has also been able to buy a small plot of land where she grows tomatoes and aubergines. She has planted a mango, lychee   and jack fruit tree. She keeps some money in reserve in case her children get sick so she can buy medicines. 

Nazma enjoys her visit to Sreepur each week to take in her cards. She meets up with other producers who have become friends for the short walk to the village where they catch up with the news as they wait to present their cards.

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