100% of all money raised from Sreepur Village handmade charity cards goes to the Sreepur Village project in Bangladesh
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Environmental issues

The environmentAll products used in the card making process are natural and locally sourced and every effort is made to manage the waste in a responsible way. A waste treatment plant has recently been installed in the paper making unit.

As much waste pulp as possible is recycled in the process and waste water is passed through several settlement tanks before being released into a filter soak away. The water from the tanks has a Ph of 7 [neutral] and causes no damage to the local land.

We hope that this system can be used as a model for other industries in the area that are unfamiliar with such processes.

All dyes used for the coloured card are “safe dyes” which are ISO 9001 accredited and meet European standards on effluence and toxicology.


Surrounding land

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